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Ruby is a dark bay Shetland pony mare who will be 15 in 2020 and has been with Judith’s family since she was 5.  She is about 8.2hh in height and about 17hh in attitude!  Ruby has taught countless people how to be polite and courteous and how to listen to your pony cause if you don’t ruby will make sure you do!  She like to go fast and in her youth was a fantastic jumper.  She will do anything for a scratch and a treat and although she doesn’t always look pleased to see you she generally wont leave you alone. 

Unfortunately Ruby has Cushings Disease which has affected her over the past few years especially as it makes her more at risk of having laminitis.  She is currently undergoing remedial trimming to get her hooves back on track and her soundness is improving.  We are managing to keep the extra weight off of her and she now has a set of the cutest hoof boots you’ll ever see to enable her to get out for walks with the rest of the guys.  Ruby loves to get out and about and loves to meet new people, she has a special affinity for children with special needs and challenges and is far better behaved for them than adults!  She is also the reigning Horse agility champion and Judith hopes to compete with her in the Horse Agility Club this year. 


If you would like to sponsor Ruby to help us pay for her medication and enable her to help more children find their smiles and adults their humility please contact us.

Beauty aka Sugar Elf

Beauty is a 12.2hh, Black British Show Pony mare.  Sugar Elf as she is affectionately known will be 23 this year and first joined us in 2014 and quickly stole everyone’s hearts.  She is our very own wee black beauty and has led a hard life before retiring with us.  After being on the showing circuit in England, we suspect she had quite a bad injury which left her beautiful behind a little lumpy she went on to become a riding school pony and trekking pony before coming to us. 

Sugar was Debbie’s share pony for a number of years and the pair enjoyed each others company and companionship.  Unfortunately Debbie had to give up her share but she still stays in touch and helps out editing pictures for the SPP social media and website. 

Sugar has her share of age related health problems and also is recovering from Laminitis complicated by her poor teeth which have to be checked and rasped regularly but also make it very difficult for her to eat hay.  In her youth she was a sharp and very spirited and quite nervous pony however she is definitely quietened down in her old age and I think realises she has her herd and home for life with us here and SPP and with her doting Mum, Margaret, who is also our Secretary.  She is a pampered old lady with a quiet and kind energy about her who is very good at helping the volunteers find their assertiveness and patience. 

Margaret has this to say about her wee Black Beauty. 


Davey is a 13hh, Piebald, Traditional Irish or Gypsy Cob he will be 10 years old in 2020.  Described as being more of a puppy than a pony, Davey doesn’t seem to realise what size he is and is into everything.  He’s very inquisitive and food orientated.  As the youngest member of the herd he loves to play and is good friends with all the geldings.  The girls give him a bit of a hard time but he doesn’t seem to care. 

Davey has joined us in the Marymass Parade and is very striking when you scrape the mud off.  Unfortunately Davey suffers from EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome) which is a condition where his body doesn’t regulate his insulin levels correctly and he is very prone to weight gain and at high risk of laminitis.  Davey is on medication for this and we are trying to exercise him as much as we can to help him stay healthy.


Heidi is a 14hh Bay roan, Welsh section D cross Cob, she will be 24 years old in 2020.  Heidi has very kindly been on loan to us for about 7 years now and is one of our absolute stars and worth her weight in gold to us and her sharers.  She has a beautiful quiet and loving temperament and would happily stand all day being groomed and cuddled.  She has a had a few sharers and has taught patience and empathy to many people.  She may not be the fastest pony in the herd but she can still keep up and loves to get out for hacks and in hand walks much more than school work.  She is invaluable as a therapy pony and has such a lovely sweet nature that she helps anyone who is nervous feel happy to be around ponies.  Unfortunately Heidi was recently diagnosed with Cushings disease too and is now on medication for this. 

Heidi currently has 2 sharers and here is what Cameron her Saturday sharer and long time volunteer has to say about his girl. 

“…….In early September 2019 I started sharing Heidi, she is the best horse! I would not have had the opportunity I have had without SPP, thank you!”


Tommy is a 14.3/15hh Bay Irish cob, gelding who is on permanent loan to Judith from the Riding from the Disabled in Glasgow where Judith first met him when he was 5!  Tommy will be 30years old in 2020!  Tommy is very placid and a great teacher with bags of patience but a very determined streak and is very food orientated.  He has been one of Judith’s great teachers and friends over the years from jumping and dressage in his youth to patience and humility in his latter years.  He’s a big cuddly mammoth during the winter and a handsome shiny cob in the summer and always a steady and reliable soul.  Robyn has shared tommy for years now and loves him dearly, he has given so much to so many people we hope he is enjoying his retirement with SPP.  Although he has arthritis in his hocks he can still keep up with the herd and enjoys getting out on hacks and inhand adventures.

Here’s what Robyn has to say about Tommy

“ I love Tommy because he has Taught me Patience and perseverance . And I love coming on a Saturday seeing all my friends and having Fun and a Laugh”


Wispa is an 11.2hh dark bay, Dartmoor pony mare kindly on loan to us.  She will be 15 years old in 2020 and currently has 2 sharers who are helping her build her confidence being ridden off the lead rein which is going really well and she has been enjoying going for hacks round the park, working in hand and doing some longreining.  Wispa also works in our sessions with the schools where she has proved to be popular with the kids and  a real asset to our centre. 


Wispa can be a bit nervous in new situations or until she gets to know you but she knows her own mind and is a little pony with a very assertive attitude, who’s not afraid to stand up for herself, once she trusts you she is really very sweet.  

This is what Amelia one of her sharers has to say about her

“Wispa can be a bit cheeky and when you get to know her she is a lovely pony.”

Wispa has helped Amelia develop more patience and understanding with ponies and given her a way to feel free and happy when she has been anxious. 

Sophie Wispa's sharer on Saturdays loves Wispa's cheeky but sweet nature and is learning a lot with her.


Drum is a 12.3hh yellow dun Highland Pony Gelding. He's unregistered but his previous owner believed he was from Rhum pony stock.    Drum is owned by SPP and is one of our founding ponies, he will be 14 years old in 2020.   


Drum has a great personality and is very inquisitive especially when checking visitors over for edibles. He loves a cuddle and is a great therapy pony.  He is a solid wee guy who is always one of the first to come see you when you come into the field He has been partnered with his sharer Iona for a number of years now and they have a fantastic relationship which has seen them galloping along beaches and riding bitless and bareback around the park.  Here’s what Iona has to say about her “Drum Bum”


“Drum is such a character, he loves his cuddles but can also be very nibbley and cheeky, drum takes great care of me when we are out and about as he loves going for adventures, drums taught me how to have confidence when around horses and makes everything so much fun.”


Sapphire is a 13.3hh, Bright Bay registered New forest Mare.  She will be 14 in 2020 and is a very opinionated lady.  Sapphy is owned and shared by Mirren one of our first sharers and Judith’s daughter.  Sapphire has been ridden but at the moment has decided that this is not for her and is concentrating on her inhand work and some trick training.  She will gladly show anyone and everyone her smile and loves to get out exploring the park and surrounding areas, Sapphire has proved to be a great therapy pony giving instant feedback and helping clients be more assertive and at the same time have empathy for others. She loves to climb hills and investigate new places and is generally a very confident pony.  Unfortunately Sapphire also has EMS and is on medication for this. 


Here’s what her owner Mirren has to say about her

“Sapphire has helped me to be more patient and learn to work with her rather than tell her what to do.  She is pretty and funny and loves to go on adventures and climbing things, she can be sassy and moody sometimes but she makes me happy and has taught me to be more confident in myself.”


Diesel is a 14.2hh Piebald Irish/Gypsy Cob, gelding.  He will be 14 in 2020.  Diesel was bought from a riding school in 2014 by Judith as a project.  He had been used in the school but by the age of 5 had decided he did not like this life and was refusing to come in from the field and if he did come in by trying to bolt or jump out of stables.  Diesel was very apprehensive of humans and what he thought they might do to him.  It has taken a lot of patience and he has been one off Judith’s greatest teachers and best counsellors over the years.  Then Kassidi came along and the pair have went from strength to strength.  The confidence and bond both have in each other is beautiful to watch (even if she insists lime green is his colour! – Judith) In 2019 Judith made the decision it was time for Diesel to move on with a new owner and Kassidi now has her “perfect angel” for life.  Diesel remains the leader of the SPP herd and hopefully he and Kassidi will stay with us for the foreseeable future.  Diesel has a very caring and kind nature and is extremely perceptive of peoples moods this makes him an excellent therapy pony and he has comforted many people when they have been going through hard times.

Heres what Kassidi has to say about her boy,

“He’s definitely taught me patience and to ask questions rather than just tell him what to do. He’s also the most gentle horse with a cheeky side that I can go to whenever I need him. Xxx”


Bailey is a 15.2hh Bay, Welsh Section D gelding who will be 14 in 2020.  He is Georgia's main man so she is best to tell you a bit about him.  As you will see from their photos and videos they have an amazing relationship and it is an absolute joy to watch them work and play together.

“Back in May 2012 Bailey made the long journey down from the highlands for him to be my share horse through Scottish Pony Partners. When Bailey came to us, he did not have any confidence or trust in people due to previous owners. To build Baileys confidence and trust in me I spent a lot of undemanding time with him.    I remember the first time he turned and walked towards me and it felt like magic!

 Bailey has been back to the highlands to visit , won supreme champion at a local show,  walked in the Marrymass parade, helped people build confidence trust and respect for themselves and others and hacked/rode out all around Kilwinning and Irvine seeing and greeting different people from all walks of life.  Bailey is a very high energy and loves a good yeaha round the field and to pla.  We enjoy  going out for long rides and adventures ad when the weather is good, going down to the river for a splash. he is very mischievous, curious and loves learn through play. Bailey  is  good at lowering his energy  just being there if you need a cuddle

He is always there for me and knows when I need a cuddle or some quiet time and sometimes tells me how I am feeling 

Georgia Boyce – Yard Manager , Think Like A Pony Trainee Instructor

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