Scottish Pony Partners is a Community Group which provide access to ponies and the outdoors to any and all who would benefit from it. 

Through our Share Program children and adults from all walks of life can experience what its like to own a pony, learn all aspects of how to look after it and build meaningful relationships with their pony and the other sharers and volunteers.  

​Using Think Like a Pony and equine behaviour based, positive reinforcement training we are able to encourage empathy and compassion for the pony and help children and adults improve their communication skills and team working.  

Our ponies live out in a mixed herd all year round in the beautiful Eglinton Country Park.  We try to keep them as naturally as possible and they are all barefoot (no horse shoes!) no rugs unless necessary and have freedom to roam, to choose to stay in the shelter or out in the weather, to graze on a variety of beneficial plants and trees.  Freedom to groom each other and play, develop relationships with each other and feel safe and secure.  Our ponies come from varied backgrounds and each have their own personality and activities they enjoy.  We have ponies from 9 years old to 29 years and firmly believe that the ponies, after a life of service to mankind should be able to retire with their herd and live the rest of their days with their family even if they are no longer fit to ride.  Our retirees enjoy a rich life where they still get to come for walks and join activities and through the share programme have their own human to love and care for them. 


Our aim is to become the first Think Like a Pony Affiliated in the West of Scotland and to provide an Equine Therapy service for Schools, Social Services and the 3rd sector to bring clients to.  

For more information on the Think Like a Pony Ethos and to see the success they have had working with Looked after children in Leeds and Bradford please visit www.thinklikeapony.co.uk

To learn more about reward based, positive reinforcement training please visit https://connectiontraining.com/training-guide/#howdoesctwork

For more information and resources please check out our links page

Please check out the rest of the site or our Facebook and Instagram pages for more information on our centre and our fabulous Herd and the volunteers who make it all happen.

Thanks for visiting - Scottish Pony Partners Committee

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