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About Us

SPP originally came about when Judith Wright and Cynthia Malton got to thinking that natural horsemanship was the best all round way to learn about horses and not only that but it helped to develop the person almost more than the horse!  The fields that we work in made us realise that so many people could benefit from having access to a pony and being able to build a relationship built on trust, empathy and understanding was something very valuable to everyone.  And so the planning began!  


In 2012 a friend of Judith and Cynthia had 2 ponies that she had rescued and was looking to find them forever homes, this was the opportunity Jude and Cyn had been waiting for.  So we waited for Bailey and Drum to come down from the Highlands to Ayrshire, unfortunately Drum decided he wasnt ready yet but the lovely Marley stepped into his place until Drum was ready!  We stayed at Holehouse farm with our 4 sharers and soon had Amsel join us then Maisie and Ruby the shetlands.  Unfortunately Amsel and Maisie had to go back to their owner in the Summer of 2013 but not until after Amsel and his sharer Kelly managed a mamoth trip to the highlands including a stop over at Perth for a clinic with Alison Jones!  Over the next few months the herd grew and we had secured a lease with Eglinton Park which is the perfect home for Scottish Pony Partners.  The ponies and Partners love it! 


At present the Partners part loan their ponies from their owners and keep them with SPP on an assisted livery.  The assisted livery costs about the same as a regular weekly riding lesson and all proceeds go directly back to the care of the ponies and the upgrading of SPP's facilities.  We have some spaces for Partners please contact us for more details.  We try to only have 2-3 people per pony because we believe that the relationship with the pony is the most rewarding part of pony ownership and each Partner has access to their pony 3+ days a week (subject to supervision by a responsible adult) therefore we ensure that the ponies do not get sour or over worked.  This approach also helps to reduce stress on the ponies and therefore minimises the risk of accidents. 


SPP is run by a cooperative of like minded people who volunteer their time and expertise to give the Partners the opportunity to have their ponies.  We are very lucky to have knowledgable friends and Freelance Instructors who are willing to give up their time to assist the Partners on their journey into Good, Natural Horsemanship.  As part of the assisted livery Partners have the opportunity to join Think Like a Pony Club which also supplies them with great online learning, workbooks and text books.  The partners are also welcome to attend various horsemanship events such as clinics and lessons with or without their pony at their own cost.  


We hope to build a community of empathic, confident and responsible pony Partners and to develop further when time and finances allow us to take on a riding establishment license and start to offer lessons and therapy sessions for those unable to commit to a part loan.  We love being in the park and hope to work in partnership with the Park Rangers in the future with using the ponies to assist with litter picking and other work within the park.  Its about more than just riding ponies which is why our Partners love it so much!  

Thank you for reading and please come up and say hello if you see us in the Park our Partners love to talk about their ponies!  And ponies love scratches and cuddles


Apart from the Staff we have our hard working ponies and their devoted sharers.  I will be updating the site with a wee bit about all of us soon so keep checking back if you want to know more about us.  

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